10 Brilliant Kitchen Remodeling Hacks to Make Your Small Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Though the kitchen is the soul of every home, people fail to understand the fact that it should have a plentiful carpet area. In most homes, the kitchen is the smallest area. If your home belongs to that category, please don’t lose heart.

Kitchen remodeling has got your back. With diligent planning, a professional kitchen remodeler can make your small into a bigger architectural marvel. We have come up with 10 such kitchen remodeling tricks for you that are doable and highly viable. Let’s gauge over them.

  1. Choose Reflective Surfaces

While you have decided to give a much-deserved makeover to your small kitchen, make sure that you’re adding reflective surfaces in your kitchen remodeling plan. With reflective surfaces, you can enhance the vibes of your existing place and makes it look bigger.

Elements like glossing titles, high-gloss paint, stainless steel appliances, and glossy cabinet should be in your to-do list for sure. This small change makes a huge difference without burning a huge chunk of investment.

  1. Open Shelving Works Wonder

To have an instant open feel into your clumsy and small kitchen, nothing can beat the power of open shelving. It gives an airy feel to a small kitchen. However, this is going to help you only if you love to keep things at the place. If you’re a messy kind of stuff, then disorganized boxes on open shelve will ruin your kitchen’s beauty.

Well, don’t worry. We have another option in this case as well. Consider having glass cabinet doors. It serves two purposes: gives an open-air feel to your small kitchen and keep disorganized stuff well-covered.

  1. Sink the Sink

So, you are already dealing with a space crunch, and then you realize that over-mount sink is occupying few extra inches without making any sense. Yes, it’s true. Though it’s a most neglected fact, the overmounting of the sink consumes extra space.

You must consider under mounting the sink in your kitchen remodeling plan. With this small change, you can easily save a few inches and prevent countertop line breakage.

  1. Use Modular Furnishing

You can’t fit a full-size dining table in a kitchen which as less carpet area. That’ why using modular furnishing is the right choice.

  1. Go for Slimmer Base Cabinets

Everyone wants extra floor space, so opting for the slimmer base cabinet is what you need. As it has reduced depth, you instantly save floor space with this option.

  1. Consider Using the Outside Space

If there is some space outside your kitchen or any of your kitchen windows, then you must utilize it to give an open-air feel to your small kitchen. For example, if there is a wall between your kitchen and dining area, then you must smash it right now.

  1. Play Wisely with Flooring

Some flooring patterns like oversized diamonds or chevrons, give a wider feel to your floor and make your kitchen look bigger than its actual size. You can have other options as well. So, play smart with your flooring choice to give a bigger look to your small kitchen.

  1. Bring Everything Behind the Doors

With a small kitchen, you can’t afford to de-clutter whatever space you have. So, it’s always wise to take big appliances like microwave behind the doors.

  1. Grow Some Love for Minimalism

Even if you like to go over-the-top for everything, this is something that you shouldn’t try in your small kitchen. Say “No” to any unwanted wall paintings, showpieces, or any other stuff.

  1. Keep Color Scheme Low-contrast

Don’t ever try to keep your kitchen wall color as similar as of countertop or cabinetry. It gives a clumsy feel to the kitchen. Always go for a low-contrast color scheme.

The Gist

A lot happens in the kitchen. From coffee brewing to discussing important matters over dinner, the kitchen is the most happening part of any home. If you made the mistake of allotting the least space to the kitchen and now repenting over it, it’s time to consider kitchen remodeling. Leveraging our professional kitchen remodeling expertise, you can easily make most of every inch of kitchen space and get a whole new and spacious look.

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