Top 6 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Tricks to Transform your Ordinary Bathroom into a Personal Home Spa

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? How about a remodeled designer bathroom for your home? Looks a daunting task? Well, if you are worried about all the redesigning, then here are some ways to transform your ordinary bathroom into a designer bathroom.

But, before we discover some amazing ways to remodel your bathroom, let’s first discuss the costing part. On average, a designer bathroom can cost about $4,000. Then, there are other costs to consider if you are not using your existing pipework or sanitaryware.

Going for a designer sanitaryware needs more research as finding the ones that fit your budget can be often not easy. So, go for a shower, bathtub or a loo based on your design layout and budget as well. Now, that you are through your budgeting plan, let’s discover six amazing ways to remodel your bathroom.

  1. Focal Point:

The most common place in your home that has its doors left open so often that anyone going by will have a peek without even bothering to peek- “Your Bathroom.”

So, keeping a toilet as the focal point of your bathroom design may not be such a great idea as you would not love the idea of your guest having a constant peek towards your toilet every time, they visit your bedroom or essential parts of the house.

To keep optimal space and design of your bathroom and accommodate the toilet to blend in, choose a bathroom designer, who can plan your bathroom transition optimized.

  1. Electrified Design:

Not only the gorgeous sanitaryware but, lighting in your bathroom can make you feel more cozy and delightful when blended into a beautiful bathroom design. If you are considering modern-day fighting with smart lighting options, look to hire an interior lighting designer, who can help you with more stylish lights and some amazing aesthetic lighting placement.

But the cost needs to be considered as new bathroom lights can cost, anywhere from $30-$40 for a single light.

As you go for the multi-lighting fixture, there can be a cost of $300-$400 though it may vary anywhere between $50-$200 per single light as per the lighting brand and type of design you choose.

An interior lighting designer can cost you up to $75 to $150 per hour, and if you go for high-end materials in lighting like gold, costing can rise up to $1100 plus.

  1. Designer Sanitaryware:

Even before you start remodeling your bathroom, choose your sanitaryware as the pipework needs to be addressed before your plastering or tiling sessions. There is a range of options to choose from in sanitaryware, and the main categories are:

→ Bathtubs
→ Taps
→ Showers
→ Lavatory
→ Sink

  1. Bathroom Furniture:

Apart from your regular tiling, sanitaryware, and lightings that maybe cosy enough to make your bathroom look more than an ordinary bathroom, what more can you do to take it a notch higher towards luxurious bathroom remodelling?

The answer is simple; many bathroom designers choose to adopt a modern-day trend in the bathroom furniture called “minimalistic design”. So, choosing minimalistic bathroom furniture will give you more functionality and storage space with far more aesthetic value than your regular bathroom furniture.

  1. Space Optimization:

Remodeling your bathroom can make your bathroom more spacious than ever with some design-based space optimizations. You can hire experts for space optimization or plan it yourself. Either way, you should be careful about these points:

→ Use a frameless mirror that can cover the whole of a wall.
→ Install adequate ventilation to keep the bathroom free from moisture.
→ Keep your waterproofing professional with professional service providers.
→ Upgrade your heating options with optimized space for heating purposes.
→ Use tiles to make your bathroom look luxurious as well as acclimatized to space.

  1. Smart Bathrooms:

Why not include some more stylish options into your bathroom to make it more functional and luxurious? The global smart bathroom market has seen a huge rise in recent times due to advancements in innovative technologies.

The market is estimated to achieve a revenue of more than $2,517 million by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.7% from 2017 to 2023. Achieve a fully- immersive experience with a remodeled smart bathroom, by integrating smart speakers, ambient lightings and some smart controls that can help you manage your bathroom activities smoothly.


A bathroom is a place where we are true with ourselves! The kind of privacy we strive in this digitized world can be achieved in a bathroom. Then why ignore the essential part of our house. Why not remodel it to infuse some, luxury, coziness and smarter options to make it a delightful experience.

Remodeling may look a hassle to you, but, with the help of bathroom remodeling contractors, it’s convenient to remodel your ordinary bathroom into a designer bathroom. So, why waste time in thinking and implementing all by yourself? When you can hire remodel magic experts as a one-stop solution.

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